With December brings an end to the yearly activities that the ESOP Communication Committee is part of. This year with the entire committee’s help, we had a great picnic in March, a new Adopt-A-Highway sign on Busby Drive, Stockholder’s meeting in August, ESOP Fun Fridays in addition to company cookout in October, and another successful Toys for Tots drive with the help from Empire Cat, Border Traffic Safety, and the Marine Corps. As those of you who received new ESOP statements this year are aware, an ESOP is a great tool to give back to the individuals who help make it successful every day. Since KE&G is a young ESOP I cannot wait to see what the future will hold for all of us. With the company being 100% employee owned we all should work hard to heed Ben Franklin’s motto of a penny saved is a penny earned. When we work together to complete projects as safe, efficient, and productive as possible it not only helps us now, but in the future during retirement also.

Serving as the chairman to the Communication Committee this year has been a fun and new experience, and I’d like to thank the ESOP Communication Committee members who will be staying (Dan Crater, Richard Hunziker, Jack Schaff, Doc Archambault, Larry Saunders, and Ed Anderson) those whose 2-year term ends (Jeff Olejnik, Tammy Messer, Chuck Ugalde, and Bill Miller.) I’d also like to welcome the new members for 2016 including Ross Parker, Rick McMahon, Elise Puhala, Chris Hernandez, Ridge Wilson, George Norwood, and Chris Weinell.