The Benson Plane Barns celebrated its grand opening recently with a full audience. The project was a design-build contract and began mid-July 2018 with construction. The project included; clearing and grubbing, over-excavation of the building, installation of foundations, slab on grade, cement treated base under the asphalt, construction of a pre-engineered building, full electrical hook up and independent electrical systems for each of the 12 bays, new mini plates for temperature control in the pilot’s room, connect to existing water main for fire suppression that includes remote dialer and alarm system that communicates to the Benson Fire Station. The project design Team was KE&G’s Vice President Ed Anderson and Project Engineer Grey Major. Our project construction Team was Larry Saunders, Ross Parker, Justin Wilson, Cesar Acuna, Sean Lyons, Sergio Barrera, and Ramon Morales. The work was managed and constructed from our Sierra Vista office. The owner is Plane Barnes LLC, Dan, and Christine Mosier. The general use is to rent out airplane hangar bays as well as use this building as a platform to continue teaching new pilots — the project completed on January 31, 2019.

This project consisted of clearing and grubbing the site, subgrade prep which was minimal due to the site being relatively flat. There was a total of 44 column footings that required over excavation with a 5ft blowout on each side. This was completed using a backhoe and wackers. The slab was constructed of 5” thick reinforced concrete that was poured in sections to accurately achieve the required .5% slope. Each of the 44 columns had four anchor bolts that were meticulously surveyed to ensure complete accuracy. The prefabricated building was then erected by Weather Guard under the supervision of KE&G. During the time of the building installation cement-treated base was installed under the areas to be paved to allow for a hard subgrade. Once the building reached,  30% completion the electricians and fire suppression installers were brought in to run the conduit to all of the 12 individual bays as well as the fire riser room and pilots’ room. The building framing was completed in early January 2019.  This allowed KE&G to pave the sloped entrances to each bay. This area is crucial and the slope had to be low enough to allow easy movement of aircraft in each bay as well as allow shed water to the main drainage ways. Once paved the final items were completed with inspections ensuring operations of all systems and tying into the main power feed with SSVEC. The main challenges on this project were the slow response to questions, as well as getting the electrical and fire suppression systems set up with the City Of Benson and SSVEC. Overall, this was a great project because this was a unique Design, Bid, Build project in a rural area and on an airfield. We were able to overcome all obstacles through perseverance and great teamwork. This was a collaboration between our Tucson and Sierra Vista offices which turned out to be a great opportunity to work side by side.