Last week, August 25, 2020, Dakota Finley, graduate of Willcox High School, was selected as a recipient of Governor Doug Ducey's Celebration of Innovation, "Future of Innovator of the Year Award" for her project, Plasphalt Phase 2. Dakota worked with industry experts (KE&G) and community support to create an asphalt mix design substituting recycled HDPE plastic for aggregate. In demonstrating the viability of her design, a teacher's parking lot was donated last February. Since then, Dakota has worked with CMT Laboratories in Tucson, measuring the properties of the "Plasphalt." All students across the State were invited to compete with their science fair submissions. Four were selected the best among all entries, and Dakota stood out. The nomination comes through the Arizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Association, whose mission is to support, promote and coordinate the programs and activities of the engineering and science societies of Arizona and support educational STEM/CTE programs for various school and industry programs. KE&G, Larry Saunders, was part of this project at the very start back in 2017, all beginning with a tour at the hot plant with students from Willcox. After recognizing the enthusiasm, Larry and Dakota got more involved with asphalt mixes. The project doesn't stop here, as the next steps are getting the product accepted by ADOT and some local agencies as this could be the first hot mix asphalt as a replacement to rock products, as the testing did much better than expected.