City of Sierra Vista awarded KE&G with the Environmental Operations Park (EOP) Compost Facility project in the summer of 2012. Despite the fact that KE&G was the lowest bidder, COSV did not have the total bid price in their budget. Due to our good working relationship and reputation with the City, they decided to work with us on a value engineering approach to get the project within their budget, instead of redesigning and re-sending the project out to bid.

The scope of work for this project consisted of site work, the installation of underground utilities as well as the construction of a building facility to handle the compost department at the Sierra Vista Transfer Station located near the Sierra Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant. This new facility is associated directly with the Sierra Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant to produce compost material from the sludge collected from the sewer ponds mixed with recycled compost material to sell for profit. 0n August 22, 2012, KE&G began the site work and construction to install a 4,289 square foot wash rack with a 2500 gallon oil / water separator. In addition, we installed 2,551 linear feet of 4” sewer force main, a pre-manufactured lift station, water line service taps and services, 2 fire hydrants, and an ABC roadway.

The project is unique to KE&G due to the commercial building installation. It was the first significant vertical construction project that KE&G has built in over 10 years. The vertical construction consisted of a 1,200 square foot steel building that comprised of office areas, restroom, and 2,400 square feet of canopy structure. This project showcased the diverse abilities our crewmen were willing to learn as they performed various tasks installing items we typically do not self-perform. From installing toilet paper dispensers to applying an Armor Guard floor coating, our forces were able to complete this unique project on schedule and under budget. The EOP Compost Facility was successfully completed on January 22, 2013 with the experience, knowledge and hard work of Sergio Gallego and his field crew.






photo 100_1273 eop-composting-facility-106 8-07-2012