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List of Recent Projects

Benson Plane Barns

This project consisted of clearing and grubbing the site, subgrade prep which was minimal due to the site being relatively flat. There was a total…

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Sierra Dental

The Sierra Dental project was site work for this facility and completed by our Sierra Vista Team. The team included Ben Carter, John Drake, Cesar Acuna,…

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KE&G working for the Pima County Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Regional Transportation Authority, Town of Oro Valley, and Arizona Department of Transportation;…

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ADOT SR-90 (SR-92 to Giulio Cesare Avenue)

Awarded in September 2014 by the City of Sierra Vista, this project runs along SR-90 and begins near the SR 92 intersection, extending east to Guilio…

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Southwest Gas Douglas Parking Lot Reconstruction

This project involved removing and replacing a 10,000-square-feet parking lot. Construction began in June with an accelerated schedule in order to be completed before the…

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7th Street Pedestrian Crossing

This City of Sierra Vista project consists of installing a signalized pedestrian crossing on 7th street to allow the safe crossing for pedestrians. PROJECT OVERVIEW…

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Avenida Escuela Widening

Awarded by the City of Sierra Vista, this project included widening Avenida Escuela from two lanes to four lanes between Camino del Norte and SR-90.…

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Harrison Greenway Multi-Use Pathway

This project consists of improvements for a new 3.2 mile long, 12-foot-wide asphalt multi-use pathway. The pathway starting on the South side of Irvington at…

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Pantano Riverpath 5th Street to Speedway Boulevard

This project ran parallel to the Pantano Wash between the 5th St. Wash and Speedway Blvd. in Tucson. The project consisted of a 95-foot span…

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ADOT SR-80 Tombstone

Arizona Department of Transportation began a long awaited project to improve pedestrian safety and the appearance of State Route 80 where it passes through historic…

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Stone Avenue – Speedway Blvd to Drachman St

Roadway reconstruction consists of new median islands, landscaping, a drainage structure, curb, sidewalk, curb access ramps, driveways, and street lighting. New traffic signals will be installed at…

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Davis Road: SR-80 to US-191

Davis Road is an Arizona Department of Transporation Project that is located in Cochise County just east of Tombstone, Arizona. The main portion of this…

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Benson-Stein Pass Highway (Texas Canyon Rest Area)

This project is located in Cochise County along Interstate 10 at milepost 320, approximately 15 miles east of the City of Benson. The work included…

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In May of 2013, the City of Sierra Vista awarded KE&G the project known as Coronado Widening. The project runs along Coronado Drive from Carmelita…

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This project with a contract value of $12,255,740.00 included 1.63 miles of roadway improvements. A few notable features of this project included two new signalized…

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This ADOT project began in July 2014. The project is located in Santa Cruz County along State Route 83. It begins at milepost 11.9 and…

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Riley Barracks Parking Lot Reconstruction

PROJECT OVERVIEW Delivery Method: Bid-Build Location: Parking Lot #510 on Fort Huachuca Owner: U.S. Army Fort Huachuca Description: Reconstruct the parking lot near Riley Barracks…

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Valencia Road – Alvernon to Wilmot Road Project

Construction of the Valencia Widening Project for Pima County Department of Transportation began on January 13, 2014. The scope of work includes the widening and…

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