Bay Acres

Located just outside the main streets of Douglas, Bay Acres is a community that was initially an unincorporated county island. The small lots in this area and extensive use of septic tanks caused ongoing issues in homeowners yards and in some of the homes. Numerous homes had septic tanks that were leaking sewage and contaminating groundwater. This project connected 338 homes via a new main line and the installation of 460 new services to an improved the sewer treatment plant that had been in use since it was built in 1978. Prior to the improvement of the sewage treatment plant it was functioning at max capacity, the expansion added the ability to handle 100,000 gallons more waste per day. First, the main line was extended then each home was individually connected. After that connect was made, septic tanks were then decommissioned and yards were restored to their original state. One of the most difficult parts of this project was locating all of the septic tanks, some of which were located under the houses themselves. Thanks to the cooperation of area residents, this project was completed on schedule.


Location : Douglas
Type : Site work
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