FMI Sierrita Pit Dewatering

Project included the installation of 18,500 LF of 10” HDPE pipe, DR 11 / 13.5 / 17. This alignment began near the bottom of the open pit and extended up and out of the pit and about halfway around the pit to the final tie location. This pipeline was installed on-grade with the exception of the roadway crossings which were buried. Access was extremely difficult in the initial portion of alignment that climbs out of the pit along the C-Ramp. Immediately after the C-Ramp is the crossing of the K-Ramp which is a main haul road and required heavy coordination. Other road crossings included haul road and light vehicle traffic. Challenges included the installation of pipe on steep slopes, construction coordination in high traffic areas, and a very intense monsoon season that halted construction for approximately 1 month to reestablish access. Upon remobilization, time had to be spent to clean and unclog pipelines that were impacted from the monsoon storms. As an added value, KE&G worked with the owner to provide and install adequate air release valves (ARVs) for proper functionality of their pipeline.


Location : Green Valley
Type : Pit De-watering
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