Tangerine Booster Station

Construct a new booster station to service planned future expansion for Town of Marana. Station comprised of two 50-hp and two 10-hp pumps for residential water service and one 60-hp pump to support fire flow requirements. Two 5,000-gallon hydropneumatic tanks were installed to regulate pressure; electrical and controls systems located under a steel shade structure;… Continue reading Tangerine Booster Station

Anamax Park Sewer Extension

This project was developed to expand the Anamax Park sewer capacity and future development. KE&G installed 1,420 feet of new 8-inch sewer and 842 feet of new 4-inch services, this included 6 new 48-inch diameter manholes. After ADEQ approval, we abandoned three septic tanks and tied the new system to existing Pima County Sewer system.

La Estancia Transmission Phase 1

KE&G constructed Phase 1 of a 2-phase project consisting of installing 1,160 feet of new 24-inch, 16-inch, 12-inch, and 8-inch water lines. 342 feet of the new 24-inch line was installed using the jack and bore method under I-10 with a 42-inch casing including a new gate and butterfly valves.

Wildflower Outfall Sewer

KE&G completed a 2.5-mile outfall sewer. The system was an 18 to 24-inch installation at 18+-foot depths with 18 new manholes measuring 60 to 72-inches in diameter. This was a private development funded project for PCRWRD receivership.

Water Main Repair at Central Avenue

KE&G responded to an emergency repair on a 24-inch CCP and 6-inch CA water main. The repair included welding flanges onto the existing pipe, new 24-inch DIP, a new hydrant, and approximately 515 feet of new 8-inch DIP. Night work was coordinated to lessen the impact on the area businesses and pedestrians.


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