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We take Safety very seriously!

It has been proven over and over again with our awards in safety from different organizations. We are employee owned which makes the importance of safety to our community and our employees the highest priority.


KE&G offer award-winning services in Construction to Southern Arizona.

KE&G has received 2 Projects of the Year recognition and an Award of Merit recognition.

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New Field Safety Manager Named

We are excited to announce a new position within KE&G. Sergio Gallego will be a Field Safety Manager. Sergio will be joining Chris Kuzyk-Barnett and Lauren Chapelle to provide additional support to our employees. “Transitioning to this new position as Field Safety Manager will be a big change in my construction career,” says Sergio. This position is…

Outman Promoted to Project Engineer

Connor Outman has been with KE&G for one year and a half and started as a Field Engineer. Connor was promoted last week to Project Engineer. Connor came to the company directly from graduating from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. in 2017. Connor earned his degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management. He grew up in…

Anderson Named ATB President

KE&G Vice President, Ed Anderson, was named the President of the Arizona Transportation Builders Association (ATB) last week at the annual Installation Dinner. Ed first served on the Executive Board back in 2016. Ed is named, among a few other KE&G employees to serve as President of ATB, the last being Chris Albright back in 2012. Ed faces…

Albright Named Lifetime Member

KE&G President, Chris Albright, is named the newest Lifetime Member of the Arizona Transportation Builders Association (ATB). Chris had served on the board and member of ATB before he served as President of the Association in 2012. The Lifetime Member is recognized by individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement and purposes for which the…