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Matt Nehrmeyer

Mining Division Manager

Excelsior Gunnison Pond Excavation

We provided mass excavation services for the excavation of 2 ponds totaling roughly 300,000 BCY. These ponds are used for storage and evaporation in an in-situ mining operation.  Challenges on this project included a tight schedule and budget, but due to good planning and safe work, the project was delivered with no issues.


Location : Benson
Type : Mass Excavation
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FMI Sierrita Pit Dewatering

Project included the installation of 18,500 LF of 10” HDPE pipe, DR 11 / 13.5 / 17. This alignment began near the bottom of the open pit and extended up and out of the pit and about halfway around the pit to the final tie location. This pipeline was installed on-grade with the exception of… Continue reading FMI Sierrita Pit Dewatering


Location : Green Valley
Type : Pit De-watering
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Caterpillar Tinaja Hills Drainage Realignment

This project was to bring the existing private property site drainage way up to regulation standards. The scope included replacing existing drainage channel with the larger concrete-lined channel, relocating the existing haul road, adding two new culvert crossings of 6 EA 72 CMP culverts.

constructing a new concrete inlet structure, new riprap outflow, and re-pave existing asphalt access road. This project was to be delivered in an abbreviated schedule window with an accelerated start date. Challenges included rock excavation, maintaining the ongoing owner heavy equipment haul roads and traffic, and maintaining a tight schedule.


Location : Tucson
Type : Mining

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